Friday, April 21, 2006

rotating banner

If someone knows the HTML for implementing a rotating banner (similar to the cool one over at Anticipatory Retaliation-- keep hitting "refresh/reload" to see what I mean), please email me.




Anonymous said...

I think usually one does this using php, but if you could get something that would use a "rotating quotes" function for which you could config the quotes file yourself, and fill it with filenames, then you could have filenames inserted into the banner code. I used to do this in Movable Type.

Solutions for blogger, though, I'm not so sure about. You could possibly find some javascript code like on this page:

That might work, with the disadvantage that you'd have to go in an edit this script whenever you add a new banner.

Sean said...

I'm with Gord on this one. You'll probably need to move to hosting with php. It may be possible with Blogger but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

totally possible with blogger you'll just need some snazzy javascript;

Just go here and cut'n paste according to the directions.

it will take a very very minor little bit of tweaking to remove the 'visit our sponsor' text (you're smarter than me so you'll undoubtedly figure it out but if you need a hand let me know) and then you're set.

There's many such scripts out there (google javascript image rotator, image rotator script, or anything along those lines to see what else is out there). Advantages of this script are the ability to add URL's (presumably your homepage link) to each image and speficy different sized images for each banner.

hope this helps