Sunday, April 23, 2006

South Park clip

I haven't scanned Occidentalism long enough to see why the Metropolitician has devoted so much space to denouncing the site, but I was there long enough to find a clip of the controversial South Park video depicting Muhammad-- without the infamous blackout during which Muhammad appears. (See my previous post on the subject here.)

Don't click on the following video if you're easily offended by images of political and religious figures crapping on each other and, at the very end, the American flag. Trey Parker and Matt Stone were trying to make the point that Comedy Central's censorship was purely motivated by fear of violent reprisal. While the images of George Bush and Jesus pooping on each other and Old Glory will be offensive to many, those images won't be censored by Comedy Central because most Americans aren't violent idiots (despite certain non-Americans' loony protestations to the contrary). In other words, freedom of speech is a right we trumpet only when it's safe (and lucrative) to do so.

I copied the file off Occidentalism (this post had the relevant link). To be viewed from my Photobucket FTP space, the video requires Flash 8. Sorry 'bout that. If it's any consolation, Flash 8 is easy to install.



Maven said...

Fabulous flick!

Anonymous said...

Well... if the metropolitican calls the college republicans 'Nazis', then the extent of occidentalisms 'sin' can be measured.