Wednesday, November 01, 2006

postal scrotum: Joel offers a correction

Joel writes:

Kevin -

The crocodile hunter wasn't actually at a Halloween party in hell. He was at Satan's sweet 16 party in downtown LA. Here's the dialogue from that part:

Some Guy: Hey Satan, you've got a little problem.

Satan: What?

Some Guy: Somebody showed up in a crocodile hunter costume. It's really offending some of the other guests.

Satan: Oh geez.


Satan: Hey, uh hi… listen. Dude, you know the whole crocodile hunter thing… it's just a little soon you know? I mean he just died a few weeks ago and it's just not super cool. You'll have to leave.

Steve Irwin: But it's me Satan, Steve Irwin. I am the crocodile hunter.

Satan: Oh. Oh, but then dude no costume. Sorry you've gotta go.

Steve: Wait, I thought we were friends!


Sweet 16... centuries? Millennia? Eons? Anyway, I stand corrected.


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