Saturday, September 08, 2007

bul-al ch'ingu

In what can only be seen as a step forward in the ever-tempestuous world of US-ROK relations, Presidents George Bush and Noh Mu Hyeon have exchanged testicles.

(I seriously doubt I'm the only person who had that thought after viewing the linked article's headline.)

American liberals rightly(!) love President Bush for his frequent and hilarious verbal gaffes. Expat Koreabloggers love President Noh for his ignorance of just about everything-- including law, despite the man's background as a lawyer. Regarding Noh's repeated insistence that Bush declare an end to the Korean War:

And despite Roh's challenge for Bush to make a declaration to end the war, the war was not between the United States and the North but between the North and the United Nations, and Bush alone could not end the war with a simple declaration. "As we say, 'all parties involved,'" [National Security Council spokesman Gordon] Johndroe said, when asked about the mechanics of achieving a peace treaty.


Seeing Bush and Noh sitting together, exchanging testicles, is a bit like watching a caged monkey play with itself: you're not sure whether to point and laugh or just walk away as nonchalantly as possible, pretending you didn't just see what you saw.


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