Tuesday, September 04, 2007

my very own "24"

I'm currently pulling an all-nighter in an attempt to get my sleep rhythm ready for the onslaught next week. This week, we've got placement interviews both tomorrow and Thursday (10AM both days), then classes start in earnest on Monday, September 10th. We've got an 11-week semester this time around, and the first class of the day-- every weekday-- starts at 7:40AM. Lovely. Luckily, we're getting the entire week of Chuseok off; too bad it comes so early in the semester (the week of September 24). I imagine I'll once again avoid my relatives during Chuseok; that's become something of a bad habit. Except for one relative, they've all stopped calling me. Heh. I am the world's worst Korean.

OK... off to the office. Let's see whether I can hold up through the afternoon and evening.


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Anonymous said...

I can't decide if starting the days early (I get up at 5h15) is good for creativity or a killer. The high school here commences at 7h30...is anyone awake then?

Maybe I'll have a better idea as the day wears on.

Meilleurs voeux!!