Sunday, September 30, 2007


Here I am, at the tail end of my last long vacation before December break. Wasn't much of a vacation, really, but I did get some things done. Oh, yes: my relatives never called once during Chuseok. I've trained them well.

We have, insanely enough, another break coming up: this Wednesday is a national holiday. My students will be delighted to know that I'm assigning homework for them to do over break-- hooray! It's not much; I'm giving them a grammar worksheet.

So we jump into the week but stutter with another holiday on Wednesday, then do a marathon from Thursday until November 30, after which it's a one-month break for yours truly.

I thought about going to the office today and continuing with transcripts, but decided against it. I think that was wise. Today was mainly about laundry, eating leftover taco salad and ratatouille (lunch and dinner, respectively), and reading that old Richard Adams classic, Watership Down (Podcast 007 features Arnold Schwarzenegger reading a passage from the book).

About ratatouille and taco salad: ratatouille definitely leaves your place smelling better. With all the cumin I put in my taco sauce, the place smells like armpits after a meal.

Wanna read something really fucked up? Over at one of those Marmot's Hole free-or-all threads, commenter hoju_saram describes a fantasy bout among Koreabloggers. Considering who cleans up at the end, I know that scenario's got nothing to do with reality.


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