Wednesday, September 12, 2007

shocking and sexy

Perhaps you've seen the posters up on Smoo campus, designed by yours truly and advertising our humble program:

These ad posters (A3 size) cost only W1000 each to print; we printed out 40 of them and put them around the Smoo campus. It's been awesome to watch students stop, point, and laugh. True: some of the closed-minded students would rather see a more conventional approach to marketing (those fuckers), but my feeling is: if it grabs you and pulls you toward the brand name, then it's all good. Reactions have been mostly positive-- almost entirely positive among my Korean coworkers.

I have to hand it to my boss, too: she was quite open to what I had done. That's rare here in Korea. Of the Hairy Chasms readers who currently teach somewhere in Korea, ask yourselves: would your bosses allow you to engage in this sort of ad campaign for your school's or department's program? If the answer is "yes," then more power to you. But if your bosses are anything like all my previous bosses, the answer is probably "no." So yeah, I'm happy and thankful that this actually got off the ground. In a sense, I owe a lot to this blog: this is the operating theater where I display my Photoshop-mangled images.

All told, it took about five hours to do each poster; that time has been comp'ed to me: at the end of the semester, I'll either get overtime pay for it, or I'll use those hours to make up for any schedule deficiencies. Not a bad deal.

More posters to come; I want them done early so they're ready for next semester.



Anonymous said...

I am amazed you got away with that. Really. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

I particularly like the second one, Kevin! Very sexy indeed!