Wednesday, September 26, 2007

short refractory period

Chuseok is, along with Lunar New Year, one of two huge national orgasms on the Korean calendar, dates that get everyone moving about. But the calendar is dotted with other little grunts and heaves as well, and through a strange twist of fate we will experience this next week, for next Wednesday is Gae Ch'eon Jeol, Foundation Day (literally "Heaven Opening Day"), sometimes folksily referred to as "Tangun Day" in honor of Korea's mythical founder.

I've been using this orgasmic time to prep for next week's classes (and beyond). It's going to be strange to go back to school on Monday and experience a break again on Wednesday, but so be it-- nothing wrong with coming twice. Two days is plenty of time to rebuild the reserves. We should enjoy the crush of holidays as much as possible because after they're over, it's a straight, non-stop, cum-free run to winter break, which begins for us on December 1 this year. I'm not looking forward to that marathon, and that's one reason why I'm trying to get a lot done now: it will be easy to fall behind, what with the workload I have.

Back to the grind, then. In God we thrust.