Friday, September 07, 2007

a glimmer?

It took a hostage crisis and two deaths to reach this point, but I'm glad we're here:

Kim Hyung-tae, a senior pastor of the Youndong Presbyterian Church, said at a prayer on Tuesday that inciting young Koreans to do missionary work overseas under the pretense of doing voluntary work reminded him of the “combative” style of proselytizing of colonial countries in their conquered lands to convert the heathen. And in a co-authored prayer, other church elders including pastors Yu Gyeong-jae of the Andong Presbyterian Church, Hong Sung-hyun of the Soosong Church, and professors Suh Kwang-sun of Ewha Womans University and Rhee Hyung-Ki of the Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary confessed they erred by overlooking the need to instill a sense of peace and togetherness with other religions in their missionary work.
(emphasis added)

A good start.


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Todd T said...

That is precisely what an Afghan elder said in an interview with Al-Jazeera. (And I agree) The worst part of that interview was the Catholic representative, who scoffed at the whole argument.
Here are the links: (I can't remember if it's part 1 or 2)