Saturday, September 01, 2007

yesterday's indulgence

The service at Outback Steakhouse might not have been tops the other day, but Chez L'hominidé was doing just fine as I took my new pasta machine through its paces yesterday. This was the second time I had used the machine; the first time was at home in northern Virginia, where I'd bought it at one of those home furnishings stores in nearby Pentagon City. That first run-through, an attempt at fettuccine, was a disaster (my parents-- the closest guinea pigs-- were very gracious, though, and complimented the pasta's taste despite its gooey, fragile consistency). This time around, armed with better measuring equipment and a stricter mindset, I set out to make pasta that actually looked like pasta. Pics follow.

In all, not a bad little meal. Next time around, I need to let the pasta dry a bit so that, after it cooks for a couple minutes, I can pull it out when it's al dente. This time around it was a bit soft, though still an improvement over the disaster at my parents' house.



Anonymous said...

That machine looks strikingly like mine. You've seen both--what are the differences?

The spaghetti looks quite tasty. It seems to be of just the right consistency. Wish I could taste it as well, but I think we've got a while to go yet before Al Gore invents a way to transmit taste over the internet.

Kevin Kim said...

What brand is yours? Mine's Imperia.

The one major difference (aside from price... yours cost 20-some dollars while mine cost a whopping $49.95 plus tax) is that your machine has seven notches whereas mine has only six.


Unknown said...

I agree, that looks good. Food blogging, that's what it's all about.
How come you less notches for more money? How does that work?

Jelly said...

Mmmmm. That looks YUMMY! I think I can answer Nomad's question.
The price of notches vary from area to area. While you can get some reasonable priced notches in the American northwest, notches are really quite expensive in the southern states. Except Florida. They have good cheap notches.
I'd advise checking the On-line Worldwide Notch Market for day-to-day price fluxuations.

Charles said...

Haha! Mine goes to seven!

As for the brand, it is "Le Gourmet Chef." I actually had to pull it out and check because I had no idea.

Hmmm. I'm going to have to make pasta again soon.

Anonymous said...

Awl about the alt text, hatte.