Saturday, September 29, 2007

in da office

Where else would I be but in the office, ja? To tell the truth, I just got here. Internet has been out all fucking day in my dorm, and I've been occupied with other projects at home-- namely making ratatouille!

Charles's wife made this dish today, if I'm not mistaken, and I feel sort of copycattish ever since I found out from Charles that he and his wife would be cooking for his Swiss brother- and sister-in-law, here in Korea ofr a spell but residents who live somewhere in la Suisse romande (i.e., French-speaking Switzerland, the second-largest geographico-linguistic portion of the country, extending mostly northeastward into Switzerland about 90 minutes by train from Geneva).

I'd had the idea of attempting ratatouille ever since seeing "Ratatouille" (I doubt I'm the first to be so inspired), but the recipe I riffed off came from The Joy of Cooking (thanks, Sperwer, for giving me your copy of it). I can say that I'd bought the ingredients before receiving Charles's email about his better half's own plans, and I've got the Lotte Mart receipt to prove it! This doesn't prove who had the intention of making the Provençal dish first, but at least the evidence exculpates me from the charge of copying my friend's wife! We'll have none of that!

Soon: photos of the meal (it's traditionally a lunchtime food, according to Wikipedia; I knew next to zero about ratatouille until I started reading that entry). Stay tuned.


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