Saturday, September 15, 2007

no connection at home

I lumber-waddled home last night and discovered that the internet connection was once again on the fritz at my dorm. Fuck. This morning, the connection worked... but I was constantly redirected to a Korean site called MegaPass, no matter where I tried to surf. You apparently need an ID and password to use MegaPass to access the internet. This led me to wonder whether the dorm management had decided to switch us all to a new online service. Assuming that I would need to acquire the appropriate protocols, I flagged down the concierge and asked him what had to be done.

He looked confused.

"People were complaining about the bad connection last night," he said, "so I called the IT service and they told me to just unplug and re-plug the server cord. That's what I did. I don't know what that MegaPass is. I'll ask on Monday. In the meantime, I guess you have to go to school and get online there." He smiled that goofy smile of his. This concierge is a new guy, somewhat younger than the gray-haired gents who normally sit in the dorm's lobby; imagine a short version of David Carradine who's been hit between the eyes with a baseball bat. Traditionally, most of our concierges have had a dazed look about them, but this one's eyes are actually crossed.

Piss, fuck, diddle.

I guess whatever blogging I do will be done from the office today, which is, as you might imagine, where I am now.


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