Tuesday, September 25, 2007

just in time for Chuseok


Along with making some kick-ass hamburgers, doing laundry, and correcting student journals, I managed to figure out how to get my audio files onto YouTube, where they will live as long as YouTube lives!

Check it out. Visit YouTube and type "bighominid" in the search window, or better yet, hit me here. Along with that "squeal like a pig" video, I've slapped up the six brief podcasts I'd made last year.

This is fantastic: the more I learn about how to put such videos together, the more sophisticated you can expect my YouTube fodder to become. Stay thou tunèd.

Oh, and... Happy Chuseok. Tuesday's the official day of the harvest moon. The ajumma who runs the local grocery gave me a free bag of my favorite kind of ddeok, known as song-p'yeon. Very nice of her to do that. She and her husband have always been kind to me.

Peef, yo!


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melancholy donut said...

love that birthday tribute. its hilarious and i think you do that accent really well!