Tuesday, September 11, 2007

no laughing matter

My brother David also offers this link to an AOL News article about a Chinese woman with 23 needles, each about an inch long, in her body. It's possible they were inserted by her grandparents when she was young. The reason? The article, citing doctors involved with the case, conjectures that the grandparents may have been trying to kill the girl in order for her parents to conceive a boy. If this is true, it's pretty damn sick.

The girl has apparently had the needles in her body for years, and they've migrated-- some of them into major organs such as the lungs and kidneys. As you might imagine, the removal of these needles promises to be a delicate and dangerous procedure.

Whoever the guilty parties are, be they the grandparents or someone else, they should be run through a wood chipper à la "Fargo."


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Anonymous said...

Now when you say "a la Fargo," do you mean with one foot with one pristine white sock jutting out of the wood chipper, or do you mean COMPLETELY run through the chipper?

One of my favorite flicks!!