Sunday, September 02, 2007

a sincere thank-you

To all the people who have sent me birthday wishes (often accompanied by cautions about what to expect as I continue my inexorable slide toward death): thank you. A special thank-you to Skippy and Todd Thacker, whom I haven't contacted directly.

Thanks as well to Bernie Hou, author of the online comic Alien Loves Predator; Hou's blog alerted me to the preview for the new AVP movie, which is called "Aliens Versus Predator: Requiem." The title makes me cackle like a newborn spawn of Satan. I mean, come on: Requiem?? Hou's blog notes that the preview features a bit of ultraviolence; I've screen-captured two such scenes from the Quicktime trailer and turned them into an animated GIF. Enjoy! Over and over!

Mesmerizing. Kinda makes me hungry, too.


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