Saturday, September 08, 2007

red-letter day

As you can see, Elisson's book has arrived from Amazon (I'm in the office this evening, so the office is what you see in the background). The name on the book is Steve Krodman, which sounds vaguely porn star-ish, like Doug Scroteman. How about something a little more Ashkenazi-sounding, Elisson? You know, something along the lines of Rubenrosenthalersteinbergzimmermannstagheuer?

OK, that's not gonna fly. And Elisson'll probably fire back with faux-East Asian names like Wan Du Phuoc and Shi Lik Dong and Hi Nau Shi.

Lame ethnic humor aside, my thanks to Elisson for having written this entertaining little tome, of which I've already read quite a few pages. Expect a review later.

Oh, shit-- is Krodman your real name? Fuck. Whoops.



Jelly said...

Heyyyy there, handsome!

Elisson said...

Of course, any real attempt at anonymity went by the boards when I decided to publish my book using my street name instead of my Bloggy Nom de Plume. But there's nothing that feeds the ol' Ego like seeing one's name on a book, and I couldn't resist.

Kevin Kim said...


And all thanks to plastic surgery! I should've panned the camera down so you could have seen the tit job!


I know exactly what you mean. I didn't use my full name on my book, but I did use two-thirds of it.