Sunday, September 16, 2007

false advertising

UPDATE: Charles's comment to this post is probably correct: there were scenes where people rode "dragonlings" like those tauntauns in "The Empire Strikes Back."

Is this really a poster for "D-War"? No one rides a dragon in the movie, especially not the evil knight who commands the forces of Buraki, the evil imugi (serpent protodragon). The movie features only one dragon; it's not evil, it never wears a harness, and it has antlers, not horns. What's up with this poster? Is it real? Is it fan art? Why do I find myself strangely reminded of this?

(Found off the Rotten Tomatoes review page for "D-War" after reading this post at the Marmot's Hole. Which reminds me: the most kick-ass dragon movie ever made was "Dragonslayer.")


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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that's a dragon, actually. If I remember correctly, there were lizard beasts that were ridden like the tauntauns of Star Wars during the (rather ridiculous, I thought) historical town siege scene. I'm pretty sure that's what this is depicting, especially when you consider the size of the beast compared to the size of the rider (i.e., the beast is rather small). And it's fairly common for movie posters to depict scenes that aren't actually in the movie.

On an unrelated note, I've heard talk that the film is being "changed" for Western audiences. This is just hearsay, of course, and I don't know what exactly is being changed, if anything, but it's an interesting thought.