Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ave, Metro!

Mike has a sick YouTube video showing you a moment in the life of an overprivileged teen who receives a Lexus for her birthday-- the kind of gift that would make my scrotum explode with joy-- and she weeps because "that's not even the car I wanted!"

Mike opens the post exactly right:

Man - somebody needed to be given a smart slap about a decade prior.

Damn straight. (Sorry to all you "I don't believe in spanking" folks.)

Solution for all overprivileged teens, guys or girls: throw the little bastards in a pit with no food or clothing and let them survive off their own excreta for a few weeks. Believe me, the kids'll come out with a true appreciation for everything around them, and there'll be no more bullshit complaints about how the car isn't even the right model.

Just so you know: I used to teach at a private school in northern Virginia, and I saw plenty of the Daddy'd better get me a Lexus! crowd. There's nothing inherently evil about being rich, but to my mind there's everything wrong with being spoiled. I don't have anything against teenagers in general, but I can't fucking stand people like the girl in that video.


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Sean said...

Wah... Wah... Wah... Mommy bought me a really expensive car, but it wasn't the one I wanted! wah wah wha

fuck - If my parents had given me a 30 year old beater that wouldnt' start i would've been happy.