Friday, March 14, 2008

Toilet Girl

I saw this article the other day and thought about the amount of time I had spent in grad school researching this very subject as part of my Master's studies in religion: women who refuse to leave a bathroom for two years, and whose asses subsequently become fused to their toilets.

Gluteo-pottic fusion is a controversial topic, causing a stir not only in the scientific community (where debates rage about whether such fusion represents the next major phase of human evolution), but also in fashion circles (Tommy Hilfiger is currently developing a line of "bLoo" jeans), political circles (a Flushist party has already formed and endured a schism, giving rise to the extremist Shite party and the more moderate Pisscrappists), and even religious circles (where ecotheology is giving ground to fecotheology).

While I have yet to make my own attempt at fusing with a nearby toilet, I will probably do so after I have finished my trans-America walk. Stay tuned.


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Elisson said...

How did I know that you, too, would glom onto this little piece of News?