Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ave, Rob!

I initially thought "roboseyo" was some sort of pun about robotic conformism in Korean society, but I was wrong.* The blog is a well-written, thoughtful journal of a dude's life in Seoul. It features a good bit of reflection on religious matters; Rob tells me in a comment to one of my posts that he just completed a series of posts on "Why Modern Religion Deserves Richard Dawkins" (parts 1, 2, 3, and 4). Rob is a pastor's son, if I'm not mistaken, and his take on religion's current conflict with the New Atheism is an interesting one.

I'd also recommend this post of his, which features a YouTube vid called "Food Fight." The video purports to show recent American history (well, recent American military history) with food standing in for armies. You've got the German pretzels and wursts attacking the Jewish matzoh; you've got Japanese sushi and Yankee hamburgers; you've got Vietnamese spring rolls and what I assume is Russian stroganoff. Pretty cool-- funny, sobering, maybe even a little touching. The unfortunate side effect is that all that war makes you hungry.

Now go forth and read.

*Can you blame me? When you see the fragment "robo," don't you pronounce it "roh-boh"?


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Roboseyo said...

:) thanks for the link and the generous write-up.


and yes, I am a pastor's kid.