Sunday, March 30, 2008

imminent dormancy

April approaches, and in a few days I'll be putting this blog to sleep. Not in the euthanasia sense, mind you: I'll likely be posting on here intermittently during the Walk. But as my time in Korea draws to a close, I think it'll be helpful for me to focus more acutely on what I'm about to do. To that end, I invite you all to follow my activities over at Kevin's Walk, where I'll be spending the bulk of my time. The blog hasn't got much to offer at the moment, but in the coming months it will become my home base in cyberspace, the main source of news about me. My hope is that it will feature photos, videos, and the usual logorrhea you've come to expect from my mind's ass.

(Special apologies to my obsessive reader in London, for whom this putting-to-sleep of the Hairy Chasms is going to be a painful experience.)



Jeff in Korea said...

Can I have your Thomas Covenant books ? Wouldn't want you to get weighted down by them on your walk.

Kevin Kim said...


I'll be happy to mail you the six I have (I have nothing from the Third Chronicles) when I'm done with them. I'm a bit more than halfway through The Wounded Land right now, so you might say I've got 2.5 more books to go.

Wanna email me your mailing address?


Anonymous said...

Sleepie bherd ehn nesties?