Saturday, March 29, 2008

speaking of London...

I'd love to know who this person is (look at the area highlighted in red):

While most of the world ignores this blog, at least one person seems to be doing one of several things:

1. S/he is working his/her way through my archives. (The "long-lost friend or enemy or frenemy who just found Kevin online" explanation.)

2. S/he is using tabbed browsing, glancing at my blog, then forgetting to close the tab despite the passage of several hours. (The rather implausible "innocent" explanation.)

3. S/he is someone who likes reading and re-reading the posts on this blog, no matter how old or recent. (The "possible stalker" explanation.)

Who are you? What's all this about? You've been at this for several days, I know. But more important than all that: are you hot?


Don't run away-- send me an email. I promise not to reveal you, though I may already have betrayed you by revealing so much of your IP address.

(Then again, your IP address is a matter of public record, so it's not as though I feel guilty about highlighting information already available to the public. My unimpressive site stats are open to all; scroll down my sidebar and see for yourself. Dig around a bit and you'll find plenty of IP addresses.)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't think the tabbed browsing scenario is all that implausible. I currently have eight tabs open, and I have been known to leave tabs open for weeks. In fact, the leftmost tab on my tab bar at the moment has probably been there for months (not counting the month I went without internet access).