Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Google Maps!

Google Maps is definitely an indispensable planning tool for people trying to calculate how far they walk. I just used GM to calculate the approximate distance I walk when doing the Namsan hike, and it's 2.4 miles, which I do in 48 minutes. Having just done the math, I see that 2.4 miles in 48 minutes is exactly 3mph, which is reassuring, as most of the walk is uphill once I'm past the Hilton Hotel.

I just applied the distance measurement tool to the first part of my walk from Coquitlam, BC to the US border; it'll be anywhere from about 18 to 21 miles to the US border, which I can do in a single day. Whether a place of worship lies just beyond that border, though, is yet to be determined. Nathan?



Anonymous said...

18-21 miles doesn't strike me as the correct number; I think it is significantly longer, but I don't know. This weekend I will get down to business on this.

Kevin Kim said...


The Google tools (Earth & Maps) both give me a figure of about 18 miles if I draw a straight line from Coquitlam to the US border. The figure changes to around 21 miles if I do my measurement by tracing a path along some of the streets (whether these streets are open to pedestrians is, of course, another matter, something that will have to be verified).

Because the Google tools don't take terrain into account, it's possible that the walk is indeed longer than 21 miles, but I suspect it won't be longer by that much.


Anonymous said...

That's actually kind of funny--I think I was thinking in terms of kilometers! I am thinking of asking the police about which routes you can take, as I don't want you getting any tickets. A route is coming together in my mind, which is good. Keep on my case over the weekend.