Sunday, March 16, 2008

logo too busy?

My buddy Tom wrote in to say the logo's too busy. I was thinking much the same thing, but as I wrote back to Tom, I need a logo that satisfies these three requirements:

1. It has to be able to fit on a blog banner, on letterhead, and/or on a bumper sticker.

2. It has to reflect the notion of a walk across America (or, failing that, of a long walk).

3. It has to reflect the interreligious theme of the Walk.

I'll try again.



Sean said...

I like it better than the banner you have for this blog (that's overly busy and an eyesore - sorry).

Anyhow the only improvement I would suggest is to use the same font for Kevin's and Walk

Kevin Kim said...


We might need to distinguish between the banner and the banner ads. The banner itself isn't busy; the two ads plus the banner probably produce the eyesore for you. Sorry, but I have no plans to change that, so you'll have to fight through the pain. Heh.

re: Walk ad font

Yeah, another person suggested that as well, and you're both probably right. I'm still thinking about that logo at the concept level, though; fonts and angles and such are mere details. I might do away with the bootprint altogether.


Sean said...

Don't get rid of the boot print. If you have to turn the word "walk" into the tread of the print.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the logo is too busy, and I also don't like the militaristic font for the word "walk." Perhaps you might try more for an expression of serenity ("every step is peace"). Also, I think for letterhead purposes that the logo should be thin (so that it doesn't take up too much room and distract attention from the text), and minimalistic (for the same reason).

Anonymous said...

Hmm, the design of the bootprint itself has been growing on me. I had earlier thought that a more ergonomic shoeprint might be better, but then again, the rough and ready quality of the boot seems ok.

I do think that an image with a narrower top to bottom distance might be better, though.

Charles said...

I'm not too big on either font, to be honest. Is that Papyrus for "Kevin's"? I agree that you should go for the same font for both words, and I think it should be something with a little more character. Or a little less character, depending on how you look at it.

Yeah, that's helpful.

Anonymous said...

What about a "foot" print, rather than a boot or shoe print? That seems more peaceful than an expensive "Air Jordan" thread or some other uppity brand. Everyone has pretty much the same foot design.