Sunday, March 16, 2008


A possible logo for Kevin's Walk:

If not a logo, per se, then perhaps an image for stationery letterhead, not to mention a banner for the Walk blog.



kwandongbrian said...

Wait a minute; you're not going to carry a "Dokdo is Korean" banner?

I have to rethink my support.

Jelly said...

I like it, but what's that shit on your shirt?

Gitte said...

i like the footprint a lot and the whole idea with the symbols in general... how many hours did you spent doing this????
how about putting the foot in an angle (about 30 degrees or so), move the "Kevin's" infront of "walk" and leave out the picture of you (not saying you're too ugly to look at). oh, and how about setting "Kevin" and "walk" in the same font (but not necessarily the same size)?
good luck :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are stepping on certain cults...err, religions. This might upset some of the thin skinned and cause an uproar.

Kevin Kim said...

Daejeon John,

Yeah; that's something I mentioned on my Walk blog.