Friday, May 10, 2019

angry birds

I think I got attacked by a magpie yesterday, while I was walking to work. I didn't get pecked or anything (the magpies in Oz apparently have an eye-pecking reputation); the magpie merely swooped by the back of my head several times until I was far enough away from its nest not to be a threat to its eggs. (Wikipedia says it's usually the males who do the swooping.) I had a Thanos moment while the magpie was swooping: You should've gone for the face, I thought. I began pondering solutions to the swooping problem since I have to walk by the same set of trees every weekday. It occurred to me that opening an umbrella might be a good idea; Wikipedia's entry on magpies confirms this. If I had the reflexes, I'd carry a tennis racket and swat the fucker out of the air as he flapped by me.

Today, though, there was no attack. Maybe the eggs have hatched.

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