Sunday, May 05, 2019

vids I like

Three videos to keep you entertained.

Instead of dancing to the oldies, howzabout having the oldies dance to the new stuff?

In the tradition of "Trainspotting," this nature video about dolphins engaging in recreational drug use is narrated by a Scotsman:

Lastly, fuck your political correctness:


John Mac said...

Good stuff! Feelin' funky and craving some un-PC coffee this morning. Good way to start the day!

Charles said...

"Johnny, have you been huffing puffer fish with those friends of yours again?"

"No, Mom, I--"

"Don't give me that nonsense, Johnny! I can tell by your droopy eyes! I forbid you to hang around with that pod anymore!"

"Aw, Mom!"

Kevin Kim said...

Heh. Puffer fish.