Tuesday, May 21, 2019

PJW on Brexit and European elections

Years have passed since the British people voted in 2016 to leave the EU. UK politicians, fearful of change but not fearful enough of the will of their own people, have dithered all this time. Prime Minister Theresa May, herself a Remainer who was somehow placed in charge of brokering a Brexit deal with the EU, stands on the political cliff's edge. Neither Brexiteers nor Remainers are happy with her limp-wristed attempts at deal-making. Can't say I blame either side for being angry. And now, with the latest round of elections about to happen, Nigel Farage's Brexit party looks to be cleaning house. This is karma, folks, and I'm glad to witness it coming home to roost. Some Kevins just want to watch the world burn.

Here's Paul Joseph Watson's latest on the current British madness. Take special note of the video footage of the stand-up comic who uses a Burger King metaphor to explain what the hell is currently going on. Best Brexit metaphor I've heard so far.

As an American who recognizes and loves Great Britain as the cultural and political parent of the United States, I very much want to see a free and independent UK, liberated from EU tyranny. The British people deserve nothing less than their own sovereignty, whatever those cringe-y, clingy, shamefully diminished, EU-teat-sucking Scots might say.

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