Saturday, May 18, 2019

today's agenda

Woke up with a sore throat from having the A/C on all night while I slept. I think the A/C's filter needs a good cleaning so it's not blowing pathogens all over my apartment. My company says it's possible to arrange a deep cleaning of the A/C, but it'll cost around $60, US. I wonder what the point is, though, because these A/Cs get stinky after only a few weeks' use.

Anyway, a quick gargle with some hydrogen peroxide, and I'm better. Ready to face the day. It's a three-pronged mission today: (1) train out to Yangpyeong and eat that glorious tangsuyuk, (2) get my Yangpyeong certification stamp while I'm there, and (3) start doing some crucial shopping for the upcoming return to austerity. I also need to buy a second "down" transformer for my Cuisinart food processor. I don't think this agenda is all that difficult to accomplish, so I anticipate having a fulfilling, productive Saturday.

Rock on.


Charles said...

Good thing it was just the A/C and not a rotary fan, or you could have died!

Kevin Kim said...

I could've, at that.