Sunday, May 12, 2019

seen on my walk today: go-carts!

I did a 30K-step walk today, and my path to the Han River took me past the Olympic Sports Complex, next to which is a large, multipurpose concrete area that sometimes serves as a drive-in movie theater (they've been showing "Avengers: Endgame" lately), and sometimes serves as a go-cart raceway. Below are two short videos I took, showing a couple avid drivers tooling around the raceway. The first video ends with a near-collision as the first oaf skids out of control and stops himself, forcing the second driver also to skid to a halt. That was some quick thinking on the second driver's part. The second video simply shows our guys whizzing by. Both videos are very short—only a few seconds long. Even the most impatient of my readers will have no trouble watching these vids. Enjoy.

I don't think you can see it in either video, but the guys' helmets have side-mounted GoPro cameras on them to memorialize their experience on the raceway. Fun.

Oh, yeah: in the background, you can see the large, blank rectangles that are the drive-in movie screens, which work only at night. Drive-ins are a neat throwback to a bygone era for me. Nifty to see that some Koreans are keeping the past alive.

(Charles, I hope you're happy that I finally held my phone horizontally.)


Charles said...

You have made my day with the horizontal video, man.

(Saw the Tolkien post, too--was away for most of the weekend--but I'm waiting for some free time to watch the video and comment. Free time is in short supply this week, though.)

Kevin Kim said...

Take your time, take your time.

John Mac said...

Is there a way to post a photo in the comments?

Kevin Kim said...


Not that I know of. You can post a link to a photo, though.