Thursday, May 30, 2019

climb into my mind

I've watched several videos by Avantgarde Vegan [sic—that's how he spells it] now, and in general, I like his recipes and would like to try making some of them. His style is super-relaxed and amiable... but there's one aspect of his presentation that I find utterly insufferable. Can you guess what it is? I don't think you'll need to watch more than one video to guess correctly. So watch the vid below, do some introspection as to what aspect of the video gets under your skin, then take your best guess as to whether that same thing gets under my skin.

Good luck.


Charles said...

Is it his general inability to form sentences? I dunno, I didn't watch the whole thing. The camerawork seems a bit wobbly as well. I'm guessing that's not what bothered you, though. I feel like I probably need to watch more and introspect more.

I do question how much he actually knows about bread. That looked for all the world like instant yeast, which doesn't need to be activated, and if he thinks that dough is wet, I'd hate to see a dry dough. Also, he takes the dough straight out of the bowl and doesn't punch it down or reshape it before rolling it out.

I think I might have been too focused on the bread aspects of the video.

Kevin Kim said...

I didn't catch what you caught re: bread, etc., given my general ignorance about bread. What rubs me the wrong way is his annoying, Almazan Kitchen-level self-satisfaction. He's constantly speaking in superlatives about his own cooking. In a different video, he makes barbecue sauce to go along with his vegan "ribs," and he tells us viewers that, if that sauce had been entered into a contest, it'd have won first prize. I don't think even Gordon Ramsay is that self-congratulatory in his videos. For Gordon, it's about achieving perfection, then standing back and admiring it along with us, not telling us how it's the best thing ever.