Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Jocko Willink will change you

Think what you will about Prager U, the video channel that calls itself a university, but the channel does get some interesting speakers on occasion. I liked the message in the video below, given by Jocko Willink, a former Navy SEAL and current author/podcaster who focuses on a tough-love form of self-improvement. Watch the video (which, to my mind, preaches only commonsense values), then read on to see some of the comments I thought were funny. I normally can't stand wading through YouTube comments, but in this case, the humor followed a singular theme, albeit in many variations, as you'll see below.

Some of the funnier comments, reprinted errors and all:

I just tore off my shirt and roared.

This video just boosted my testosterone levels.

after watching this video 456 millienial snowflakes needed medical attention

I watched this on a cheap laptop, now it's a quantum computer

I just show this to my labrador, it became a wolf at the end

Jocko looks more dangerous in a suit.

I started doing pushups as soon as he started talking.

My phone battery has a full charge. It was 30% when the video started

Weakness has nightmares about Jocko

I showed this video to my fish for an hour, now it becomes a shark

I just showed this to my pet gecko, and it turned into a DRAGON

Im canadian, I didnt know who jocko was. I came here, saw him, was scared, listened to him. Agreed.

I showed this to my cat. She's a tiger now and killing my family. Thanks.

46 Soy Boy Gammas disliked, so far.

I grew a six pack on my ball sack after listening to this dude.

They should put this man in every college safe space.

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