Wednesday, May 08, 2019

John Stossel on Tim Pool and citizen journalism

There are real, honest journalists out there; they're just not to be found anywhere in the mainstream media (and yes, that includes Fox News). John Stossel, who has a mainstream-media pedigree, but who has also been something of a rebel, tracks the alt-media who are doing the work that mainstream journalists are supposed to have been doing all this time instead of shilling for liberal causes (mostly liberal, but also conservative causes):

Be sure to read the article accompanying the video here. If you're still watching mainstream media, you—are—being—lied—to. Does that make me sound crazy? Well, watch as, once again, the alt-media are better able to predict 2020 election outcomes than the mainstream media can. Why? Because the alt-media are actually in touch with reality. They were right once in 2016, and when they're right again in 2020, that'll be definitive proof that this isn't a "stopped clock right twice a day" phenomenon.

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