Wednesday, May 22, 2019

meme via Bill

The image below has special meaning for me because I've thought this for a while, now, especially when I was in France last year and rediscovered that France had banned plastic grocery bags back in 2016 (I knew this but had forgotten). They've just been banned here in Korea, as well, but you can still get plastic garbage bags for your groceries. I always reuse mine as trash-can liners for my recycling. I have six wastebaskets in my apartment.

People need to get their story straight. And this is another example of how "scientific" thinking, translated into policy, leads to stupid, unanticipated outcomes.

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John Mac said...

Yeah, I remember that too. I also remember back in the 70's we were all going to die because the Earth was getting colder. Hell, maybe Global Warming (Hallowed Be Thy Name) is actually SAVING the planet.