Thursday, May 16, 2019

Oh... yay.

I'm off to our company's Foundation Day extravaganza. You can feel my transcendent joy radiating out of your monitor's screen, I'm sure. The event is an enormous, bombastic, bloviating, five-hour waste of time for yours truly, but the upside is that, since I have to be at the ceremony/gala very early in the day (there'll be awards going to people I don't know, plus speeches given by people I don't care about), I get to leave work early. In fact, I plan to leave even earlier by using up my final three comp hours once the ceremony is done. I also get paid today, so this marks the end of the current fiscal month's austerity. I'll take a week to get all spendy and shop for next month's meal plan, then I'll return to the austerity program for the mid-May to mid-June pay period. Once I leave the ceremony, I'll head over to my bank and send another $3000 home to my US account. Sometime this weekend, probably on Saturday, I plan to train over to Yangpyeong to eat some more of that miraculous tangsuyuk, and maybe to do a bit of shopping while I'm in town. I'll spend the rest of the weekend cooking up next month's food (some of it, anyway), and I might go for a longish walk, too.

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Charles said...

I can feel it... the joy... the pure, utter bliss! It is washing over me like a rolling tide, filling me with an almost overwhelming sense of peace and contentment. I don't know how I am still able to type this comment, being as overwhelmed as I am! Callooh, callay!