Saturday, May 25, 2019

more via Bill

I don't agree with the implications of the "I attacked Mike Pence..." line, but like it or not, it's the setup for what comes next at the bottom of the meme:

This is a problem for more than just Pete Buttigieg: it's a problem for most liberals, who seem fine with cozying up to Muslims who openly hate Western culture and would be willing to kill the most liberal members of that culture. I refer you to Dr. John Pepple's blog I Want a New Left on this point; Pepple has been all over this issue. See here and especially here.

My suspicion is that, when Trump seemed to get upset at Fox News for allowing Buttigieg to have a platform (to the point where the studio audience actually gave Buttigieg a standing ovation), this was more 4-D chess. I think Trump would actually prefer to run against Buttigieg because Trump knows he'd easily win against him. Not because the country is full of homophobic bigots, mind you, but because Mayor Pete really doesn't have much of a platform at this point, and the things we do know about him will not play well with the moderate and right-leaning crowd, to wit: slowly deconstructing Thomas Jefferson.

So where've you been all this time, Joe? Out massaging women, I guess...

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