Thursday, May 16, 2019

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Maybe someone would care to explain this bit of leftie hypocrisy:

The left does seem obsessed with election jiggering by Republicans, all while downplaying the way in which it wishes to jigger elections: via forced demographic shift and various forms of fraud. The left doesn't like voter ID because that would mean the frauds couldn't vote. So the left tries to turn the tables and claim the current conservative push for voter ID is all about racist disenfranchisement.

I'm happy to grant that there may actually have been a couple isolated cases of smirking Republicans who told certain groups of Democrat voters that the polls would be opening on Day X when it was actually Day Y.* Even if that malfeasance were the case, though, you'd think the people who got suckered would be suspicious enough (especially if it's untrustworthy Whitey who's bringing the news) to do a bit of verification before voting took place. You know the old saying: Fool me once, shame on you...

I haven't commented on Alyssa Milano's hilarious declaration of a "sex strike" against what she sees as ridiculous abortion laws, and I view her declaration as a separate issue from the merit of those laws. The above meme, though, makes clear how useless and substance-free Milano's gesture is. Abortion is an important issue to discuss, and people on both sides get heated because they're passionately committed to certain deep ideas. Empty gestures add nothing to the discussion, and Milano succeeds only in making herself look stupid.

*Interestingly, when you research the claim that left/Dem voters are being misled by right/Rep parties, your search results will show that these claims almost all come from leftie sources. Fascinating.

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