Saturday, May 11, 2019

where capitalism goes wrong

I agree with the criticism that capitalism often puts the dollar above morality. Case in point: US businesses that willingly self-censor anything critical of China, or that actively abet China's repression of its own citizens (e.g., Google's help in shoring up China's online Great Firewall). China Uncensored's latest video talks about an instance of self-censorship of a TV show on CBS ironically titled "The Good Fight." This show has a decidedly left-leaning slant, but while it bravely hurls invective at Donald Trump and conservatives, it meekly bows to Chinese demands that it not show any criticism of China.

China Uncensored has been very educational for me since I began watching it a few months ago. I appreciate Chris Chapel's cheerful sarcasm as well as the thoroughness of the reports he gives. I've learned much about things like China's "social credit" system and the so-called Belt and Road Initiative, China's global-scale infrastructure project that has it brokering deals with dozens of different countries that are desperate for Chinese investment and willing to make a deal with the devil. This is must-see viewing for people interested in Chinese affairs.

ADDENDUM: fear not, conservatives: I'm not turning into a Marxist. I still agree with this:


John Mac said...

Yeah, capitalism is the worst. Except for everything else.

I fear that history will not be kind to those who appeased China and enabled their oppression. What am I saying? China will likely be writing that history and we'll be the serfs in that story.

China is currently making huge inroads here in the Philippines. I actually have an escape plan so when they roll in I can roll out. Hopefully.

Kevin Kim said...


John Mac said...

Actually, Cambodia is Plan B.