Sunday, May 05, 2019

score one for John Mac

In his comment to my post on rightie hypocrisy, John McCrarey observed that

...platforms like Twitter and Facebook claim to be non-discriminatory in applying their so-called community standards. If they came out and admitted they only tolerate leftist viewpoints[,] I think they'd be okay. It's the pretending to be open to all that is dishonest.

No one expects a lefty or righty website to publish opposing views[;] it's understood they exist to preach to the choir. Lying about everyone being welcome and then dis-inviting those with opinions they don't like is perhaps illegal.
On Instapundit, there's a post linking to this article, which has an interesting title and an even more interesting subtitle:
Texas bill would allow state to sue social media companies like Facebook and Twitter over free speech
The proposal aims to protect users on social media platforms from censorship if a site advertises itself as impartial. Critics say the bill is too restrictive.
From the article:
A bill before the Texas Senate seeks to prevent social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter from censoring users based on their viewpoints. Supporters say it would protect the free exchange of ideas, but critics say the bill contradicts a federal law that allows social media platforms to regulate their own content.

The measure — Senate Bill 2373 by state Sen. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola — would hold social media platforms accountable for restricting users’ speech based on personal opinions. Hughes said the bill applies to social media platforms that advertise themselves as unbiased but still censor users. The Senate State Affairs Committee unanimously approved the bill last week. (Update: The Texas Senate approved the bill on April 25 in an 18-12 vote. It now heads to the House.)

“Senate Bill 2373 tries to prevent those companies that control these new public spaces, this new public square, from picking winners and losers based on content,” Hughes said in the committee hearing. “Basically if the company represents, ‘We’re an open forum and we don’t discriminate based on content,’ then they shouldn’t be able to discriminate based on content.”
Well, I certainly don't disagree with John's comment or with the above-proposed bill. If you're a business, and you say you're going to do a thing, then you should be held accountable when you don't do that thing. Much of the current left's power comes from the fact that the governmental and business infrastructure in the US constantly gives the left a free pass, thus leaving it unaccountable. Put the squeeze on the left, make it feel some intense pain, and much of the current acting-out will diminish or even stop.

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John Mac said...

It reads better with proper punctuation! Thanks!

It will be interesting to see how this lawsuit plays out.

As you said in your response comment, these companies are either publishers responsible for content or a free and open platform for all (legal) viewpoints. They can't have it both ways.