Monday, May 27, 2019

the logical humor of Dr. John Pepple

Found here:

This link is about the claim by leftists that believing in objectivity is a sign that one is a white supremacist. So, if one believes that global warming is an objective fact, then one may be a white supremacist.

I love it.

Postmodernists have engaged in a species of this stupidity for years. Rationality has been demonized by the PoMo crowd as an instrument of Western oppression. This of course explains why so many Asians pursue science-related careers: because they feel oppressed by rationality and the West. This also explains why anti-rationality postmodernists continue to write (more or less) rationally structured academic papers. It's hard to make a rational argument when you make rationality your enemy. But that's what postmodernism does: it's clumsily self-subverting, always striking at truth but lopping off its own dick.

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