Sunday, February 28, 2021

a good post from Instapundit

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I don't normally credit Ed Driscoll, one of the co-bloggers at Instapundit, with good posts, but this post was good enough to quote here in its entirety:

WHY IMMIGRANTS FAVOR THE MELTING POT OVER MULTICULTURALISM: What Multiculturalism Has Wrought. The elevation of every world culture as “equally meritorious” has created a deep inequality in our own.

Upon arriving in America, Binh immediately found differences. “When I first got [to America] in 2009, I was waiting for the bus. A police officer stopped by and asked if I needed a ride home. Today I realized I should have said yes,” Binh says. “This country is so generous, and they are so welcoming. I do not see the racism in white people. I hang out with rednecks. I feel like liberal media has been pushing a strong image about America. I am more welcome here in the U.S. than in my own country.”

Taking in more than 1 million legal immigrants every year requires a culture of racial tolerance and a belief that in many parts of the world seems almost unnatural: that a complete stranger should be welcomed, because he or she has the potential to contribute something meaningful to the United State. This is what Binh means when he says that America is a generous country.

Ironically, to advance multiculturalism and deny American exceptionalism is to strike at the foundations of what makes America so appealing to immigrants the world over. What message should we be sending minority and immigrant youth growing up in a society where they don’t look like most people? Do we tell them that the American dream can be theirs, too, if they adopt our common language and a strong work ethic? Or that assimilation is fruitless, that this country will always reject them, and that they must never surrender the slightest bit of their culture?

Read the whole thing by clicking over, and mentally match this up with my post about the female North Korean solider who defected, came to America, and discovered she had been taught nothing but lies.

One comment beneath Driscoll's post:

This goes a long way toward explaining why immigrants who have done it the legal way are among those most opposed to illegal immigration.

If it were true that all cultures are equal, there would be no desire to immigrate.  The left loves to paint itself as pro-immigrant, but notice how lefties routinely and stubbornly ignore the testimonies of the immigrants who have come to the States to escape poverty, bad economic policy, and oppression.  I hear that some Chinese immigrants are now speaking out against "woke" PC culture, saying they didn't come to America to re-experience a Cultural Revolution.  I'm sure that sentiment is shared by any number of Cubans.  "Worker's paradise"—right.

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