Friday, February 26, 2021

the "eating while black" hoax

Some idiots can't help themselves.  Despite several scandals in which race-baiting hoaxers have been caught (think:  the Jussie Smollett mugging hoax), some people continue to attempt these stupid shenanigans.  A recent example only now making the news:  in 2018, a young female student at Smith College named Oumou Kanoute claimed to have been harassed by university staff while eating in a campus cafeteria.  The staffer apparently told Kanoute the cafeteria was closed, and she interpreted this as a racist act.  Later on, a law firm conducted an investigation into the matter and concluded that no wrongdoing had occurred.  Too little, too late, however:  by that point, the staffer who had approached Kanoute was suffering severe stress, another staffer had been forced from his job, and on-campus workers were obliged to undergo racial-sensitivity training.  Read more about the stupid incident here.  If there were any justice, Kanoute would be expelled from Smith College and sued for both libel and slander (her attacks were both written and verbal, so she committed both acts).

For a brief period, I dreamed of getting a doctorate and teaching at a university for the rest of my life.  Ever since I got a good whiff of the rot that's spreading in American college campuses, though, that dream has shriveled and died.  Campuses, these days, are well-manicured cesspools of PoMo/Marxist sludge, inculcating students into an unjustifiable grievance culture and creating a generation of pussy-ass beggars who demand everything while offering nothing.  So much for "ask not what your country can do for you"; so much for "not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Smith College's motto is Audacity, Agency, Authenticity.  Audacity means daring and implies courage.  Agency connotes self-empowerment, i.e., you are free to act and therefore not a victim.  Authenticity calls to mind honesty, integrity, and sincerity.  These are all excellent, worthy virtues, and I applaud the college's choice of them.  Oumou Kanoute, by contrast, has shown herself to be a liar and a coward who thinks of herself as a victim.  She is the exact opposite of what Smith College supposedly stands for, and what's worse:  the college's administration probably stands with her.  See why I'll never be a college professor?

Fuck academe.


John Mac said...

Well, of course, you would have been fired the minute one of your students or peers came across a post like this on Hairy Chasms. A better option would be to find a way to monetize your movie reviews--they are consistently the best I've read anywhere.

Kevin Kim said...

Well, I'm working on a movie-review book project right now. I'll be selling both a hard-copy version and an e-book version later this year.