Sunday, February 07, 2021

batto of da fly lies

"Uncle Roger" is the stage name for Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, who is based in London.  Ng speaks English with no Asian accent, but his Uncle Roger character is a heavily accented, stereotypical Sino-Malay* who spends time on YouTube critiquing other people's cooking videos, especially if those videos show fried rice.  Two of Uncle Roger's most (in)famous videos show his reactions to megachef Jamie Oliver and fellow megachef Gordon Ramsay.  I present both videos to you below.

Uncle Roger's not a trained chef, as far as I know, but his pungent criticisms ("You fucked up!") have struck fear in the hearts of many food-themed YouTubers, quite a few of whom now nervously mention Uncle Roger in their videos ("I hope that using this oil won't make Uncle Roger angry"). In that spirit:

Uncle Roger would definitely hate my fried rice.


*Oops.  I'm displaying my ignorance here.  The correct demonym is Malaysian Chinese, not Sino-Malay.  The term Malay describes a specific ethnic group in Malaysia; the term Malaysian refers to any citizen of Malaysia regardless of ethnicity.  A Malaysian of Chinese descent is Malaysian Chinese.  My bad.

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