Wednesday, February 10, 2021

the Mouse devours one more soul

God help me, I just signed on to the Disney Plus streaming service so that I can finally binge-watch "The Mandalorian."  I think that show is pretty much the only reason that people are signing on to Disney Plus:  Star Wars fans are loving the brainchild of Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, who have both been much more faithful to George Lucas's original vision than that witch-whore Kathleen Kennedy has been.  Disney Plus also allows you access to all Marvel-related content, and there's a tie-in with National Geographic and other services, so I might do some exploring.  I'll say this:  the monthly cost is cheaper than either Netflix or YouTube Premium.  (I'm unable to sign on to Netflix, for some reason; the site won't process my credit card.  I am, however, a member of YouTube Premium, and have been for a while.  YTP costs me $10 a month.  Disney is around $6 or $7.  Disney's one-year subscription package isn't much cheaper than its monthly package:  it's $69 for a year versus around $72 if you go with the monthly rate.)

I swore up and down that I wouldn't allow myself to get nickeled and dimed to death by subscribing to too many streaming-video services.  Now, I'm on two.  Jesus.

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