Friday, February 19, 2021

why Gina Carano really got fired

A good Substack article here on Gina Carano's firing.  The essential part:

“I don’t know what people at Disney personally believe or don’t believe with regard to politics, but as a corporate entity, they want to stay as trouble-free as possible. And anything that’s going to offend the left is a problem,” says crisis PR rep Juda Engelmayer. “I have clients who are making an extraordinary effort to post what the social left wants to see.”

You must fellate the left, or else.

Be sure to read the whole article because it describes a sentiment that, more and more, I'm gravitating toward:  fight fire with fire.  And as the author says:  up to now, we've been playing nice.  The left, because it projects, doesn't see it that way.  It sees nothing but violence-promotion and hate-mongering emanating from the right.  This is all fiction, of course—a risible delusion:  it's the left that not only promotes violence and hate, but engages in it.  I keep saying that it's only a matter of time before the giant is awakened, and the left will then discover what it means to provoke a sleeping giant.

(Credit goes to Sarah Hoyt for linking to the Substack article.)

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