Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Japan vs. China (Don't Mess with Japan edition)

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John Mac said...

A day of reckoning is coming. I've long feared the consequences of China's saber-rattling. Ironically, China's vision of dominating Asia is reminiscent of what Japan attempted in the 20th century.

It will be interesting to watch how far nations like India and Japan will go to defend against territorial incursions. Recent events and responses like the one mentioned in this video are positive signs of pushback. Sadly, the tough-talking Filipino president appears to be in Xi's pocket even "jokingly" referring to the Philippines as a Chinese province. Well, that's one of the triggers for my escape plan--I will not willingly submit to Chinese dominance.

The question is will the USA keep its commitments to its partners in Asia like Taiwan? I reckon we will know soon enough.