Wednesday, February 10, 2021

cancel culture

I've been following the civil war raging inside of Lucasfilm.  You've got Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni on one side; these guys simply want to bring back the spirit of the old Star Wars:  story comes first, and that's what we see in the excellent "The Mandalorian."  On the other side, you've got Kathleen Kennedy, whose woke-feminist agenda has proved to be a huge money-loser for Lucasfilm and for Disney, the parent company.  Kennedy is being slowly but surely sidelined by Disney's higher-ups, but she still has clout, and like a dying witch exploding with one final paroxysm of black magic, Kennedy is trying to cancel Luke Skywalker—who appeared as a de-aged, Deepfake character on an episode of "The Mandalorian," to a chorus of elated cheers from the fandom who had hated the old, defeated, listless Luke Skywalker who appeared in "The Last Jedi" (a Kathleen Kennedy effort).  Here's how that's going:

The commenter, Mannix, is pretty funny; I'll be looking out for more of his material.

Meanwhile, we've got a punk rocker (or ex-punker) who's being canceled for having retweeted rightie commentator Paul Joseph Watson.  PJW discusses the problem on his second (and much smaller) YouTube channel:

This is really not the time to be back in the States.

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