Friday, February 26, 2021

let the warmongering begin: Biden orders airstrikes in Syria

The left kept accusing Donald Trump of being a warmonger, but to my knowledge, he ordered only two strikes, both more or less surgical:  one in Syria, and one in Iraq specifically to kill Iranian General Soleimani.  Trump started no new wars, and he was on his way to major draw-downs in various theaters.  Is Biden riffing off the Trump playbook with his order to conduct a surgical airstrike inside Syria against Iran-backed militia, or is the ancient Democrat starting to reveal his inner warmonger?  

Alt-media talking heads warned and warned that Clinton-era Democrats tend to be hawkish, a stark contrast with Donald Trump's largely dove-ish international policy.  The pundits that I listen to have repeatedly predicted that Biden & Co. would drag us back into global conflicts; Styx, in particular, has noted that neocons and neolibs are basically the same, especially in terms of international policy and their cavalier attitudes toward military action.

So let's see what happens.  Will Biden start pumping US troops back into Syria in what will eventually balloon into a much larger campaign, or is he trying to do what Trump did, i.e., use a surgical strike to make a point that he hopes won't need to be repeated?  (Biden's order was in response to a February 15 attack that injured several Americans.)

Since the changeover from Trump to Biden, Iran has begun demanding "reparations" for the Trump-era measures levied against it.  Biden was vice president when Barack Obama sent Iran literal cargo pallets of cash, so it wouldn't surprise me were Biden to knuckle under to Iranian pressure.  But again, we'll see.

UPDATE:  check out this Instapundit post, which lays out Biden's hypocrisy (although personally, I'd wait until Biden gets us deeper, militarily, into Middle Eastern conflict before declaring him a hypocrite on this score).


John Mac said...

Yeah, I'm also taking a wait-and-see on this one. I do support retaliation when Americans are attacked, hopefully, to make others think twice about doing so in the future. Let's see what happens next.

The Iranian general Soleimani was killed in Iraq, not that it matters. The world is a better place without this scheming murderous bastard.

Kevin Kim said...

Corrected! Thanks.