Thursday, February 18, 2021

mass-murderer Andrew Cuomo is finally being investigated


JUSTICE FOR DEAD GRANNIES: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo under investigation for nursing home deaths.

Related: U.S. attorney, FBI investigating Cuomo’s handling of nursing home deaths: In recent weeks, the administration revealed that 15,000 long-term care residents have died, up from the 8,500 previously disclosed.

UPDATE: The first link above, at ABC News, has gone dead for some reason. Here’s the Albany Times-Union story it appears to have been based on.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here’s a different ABC News link to what appears to be the same story.

Links going dead, eh?  Coincidence, or the leftie media defending its own?  After all the avid dick-sucking Cuomo received for his "superb" leadership during the pandemic, it's too late for him to recant, apologize, or otherwise admit wrongdoing:  he's a legend in his own mind, as Dirty Harry might say.  I'd love to see Cuomo either go to jail or burn in hell, but I suspect that true justice will not be forthcoming.  Why?  Because righties, unlike lefties, don't burn neighborhoods down when they get angry, and it's the fear of the leftist mob that will keep the judiciary from administering proper justice.  Too bad we can't rustle up a posse and have ourselves a proper gubernatorial lynching.  The murderer deserves death, and even the Democrats are coming around to the idea that Cuomo is massively guilty.  The only real consequence that Cuomo will suffer, alas, is the destruction of his 2024 presidential aspirations.  What a small price to pay for fifteen thousand deaths.

ADDENDUM:  I saw this comment at Instapundit:

Cuomo under investigation? Why would they do that?

For a very good reason. The best way to exonerate somebody is to pretend to investigate him, followed by a "nothing to see here; go back to sleep" nothingburger.

After all, it worked for Hillary.

It kind of worked for Hillary, but it deflated her chances of winning the presidency.

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