Saturday, February 20, 2021


I've come across what appears to be a libertarian-leaning YouTube channel called FEE, or the Foundation for Economic Education.  It's got a bias, being pro-free-market, pro-capitalist, and very much against any sort of central-planning paradigm, be it communism, socialism, chavismo/madurismo, Kimism, or whatever.  I've watched a few FEE videos, now, and I'm generally on board with almost everything the video-makers say.  There aren't enough econ-related YouTube channels that defend capitalism these days; the magazine The Economist has its own YouTube presence, but it's obvious that The Economist has been infected with the wokeness virus.

Anyway, FEE puts together slick, fairly well-made videos that present good, logical arguments for their point of view.  One video in particular struck me, though, because it essentially rehashed everything I've recently written about the pernicious influence of postmodernism and Marxism on American culture (see here and here).  Unfortunately, the video in question has been age-restricted on YouTube, and it can't be embedded here (were I to embed the vid, you'd click and be sent back to YouTube), so all I can offer you is a link.  The link will take you to the 5:33 mark in the video, which is where the discussion on PoMo and Marxism begins.  If you want, you're free to back up and watch the video from the beginning, which I'd actually recommend.  I assume the age-restriction is another example of Big Tech censorship:  we can't have people learning about why leftist economic paradigms are bad, now, can we.

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John Mac said...

Yeah, I had that same thought on the age restriction bullshit. Just another way to make it harder for folks to access info that is inconsistent with leftist ideology. YouTube age-restricted the video showing Dems doing what they accused Trump of--encouraging violence. I guess when Kamala says it that's different, because.